I am Tohir Raihan

Hi there, you already know my name. I live in Bangladesh. I finished my graduation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I am passionate about coding and creating new websites. I believe in quality product. Quality doesn’t mean that it will only looks good but it will also be optimized, light weight, secure and fast. If you want to know about my hobby, you will need to ask me personally. 😉

My Story

The year was 2011, I started my B. Sc. In Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In that time I had a course in my curriculum on C programming. During that course I feel passionate about programming. Then I researched about different programming fields and decided to learn web development sector. I meet with different people who were in this sector to gather knowledge. By reading books and with the help of online resources I was able to learn and still learning.

First I learn HTML & CSS. Then I learn two frameworks on CSS, bootstrap & foundation. After that I worked on couple of projects. Then I learn the basics of JavaScript & jQuery. Later I learn SASS to use CSS more efficiently. After that I learn PHP & MySQL and drive in to the world of WordPress. Currently WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. I am working with WordPress science early 2015.

Areas Of My Expertise

I works on WordPress based projects. If you need me to build a website for you then it will be in WordPress platform. This is not because WordPress is extraordinary, this is because I am good at it.

Covered Functionality:

  • Responsive from desktop to mobile
  • Light weight & Fast
  • SEO optimized
  • Secure from hackers
javaScript & jQuery
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